Grenoble, France

Currently Head of Research and Development at the Carnot LSI Institute my mission is to provide the expertise and manpower to foster and support technology transfers between research teams, laboratories, institutes from Grenoble with the industry. As part of this mission I am managing a multidisciplinary team and supervise various projects involving ever-changing and state-of-the-art technologies.

Full-Stack Architect/Developer I am also specialized in UI/UX design. Passionate about Design with a big “D” I’ve a devotion for simplicity and fanatical attention to detail.

  • Current favorite technologies: Node, Ruby on Rails, Nanoc, Git, Docker
  • Favorite platforms: Arch Linux, MacOS, Android

Previous to that, I was an Expert R&D Engineer at the INRIA Grenoble research center in France where I designed sociable technologies as part of the INRIA Personal Assisted Living project lab. I was lead engineer and in charge of software integration between several INRIA Teams.

I hold a Ph.D. in computer science on the Design of Sociable Technologies from the University of Grenoble.