I'm a newbie, a novice, an amateur, a beginner in programming. My Total Programming Experience is approximately equal to the no. of months I joined here! So pardon me for my idiotic questions. My dream is to be a great programmer someday. To make the impossible, possible. I want to be the female version of Mr. Jon Skeet and my idol (who always scolds me hehehe) Mr Balusc. But I think, based on my current capabilities, i need a whooping 50 years to be on their level. So help me God!

BTW, i really find this site super cool! I could interact and learn from many great programmers around the world. And for a programmer-wannabe like me, every opinion matters. What's important is that I'm learning a lot here which I could not learn by just reading books. So thank you everyone for all the help. I think I am becoming a stackoverflow addict.

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