Doug Tabuchi

New York, United States

Hello Friends, I'm Doug Tabuchi the Mobile Engineering Lead at Percolate. Percolate is building the system of record for marketing teams. Some of our clients are Unilever, MasterCard, Pandora, and Shinola.

I started at Percolate 4 years ago as the sixth member of the team, engineer number three. For the first two years I worked on all bits and pieces from feature development to ops. Then two years ago I transitioned to mobile. I build our first app and then started hiring a team around me. In the last year we released 5 apps on 2 platforms.

Before Percolate I worked at a number of startups including Fanfeedr building a one stop site for sports news, and a R&D shop for Inform building a tool for creating automated news sites using their existing taxonomy tools.

I went to college at Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana and enjoy climbing, skiing, and biking.