I have a passion and confidence to deliver software products, large and small, that directly impacts consumers. Some of my qualities are :articulate communicator, friendly, professional, engaging personal style and above all I have a strong desire to crank out robust and reliable solutions. I enjoy be creative, diplomatic innovator who can balance multiple business demands while maintaining a positive, collaborative, solution-oriented attitude.


• 3+ years of Software Development experience;
• 2+ years of Web Development (Front & Back End) experience;
• 2+ years of Java experience;
• 1+ year of Infraestructure experience;
• Experience with tools like Eclipse, PyCharm, Netbeans, Jira, Jenkins, Vagrant
• Knowledge of Version Control System: Git and SVN.
• Experience with international markets and multinational companies;

Language Skills:
• English (Fluent);
• Portuguese (Native)

Professional Skills:
• Java | JSP | JSF | JPA
• Python | Django
• Linux | Windows

Personal Skills:
• Technology passionate;
• Musician, in the free time;
• Autodidact, always learning;