Tallinn, Estonia

Who am I? I'm a rather creative person who equally likes to lull around seemingly mundane issues such as "should I use a foreach or a LINQ query for this loop..." as well as mindbogglingly difficult tasks like "custom building a massive calculation expression from strings passed via webform".

I've been working with .NET for nearly 8 years, witnessing its ups and downs, loving it and sometimes dislikeing a few things... as well as joining in the hate towards VB, Oracle and - most of all - Microsoft, for no real reasons whatsoever, just so I wouldn't stand out of the crowd of sheep.

... did I say sheep? I meant pigeons. I actually like sheep. And no, I'm not Welsh. They're just furry, lambs are cute and they have the tastiest meat in the world.

Another thing I shine in, is divergent thinking. You know - 2000 uses of paperclip? Yes, I quoted that. No, it's not same as being creative. Yes, I quoted that too. Too good memory for my own... good?

Anyway, this About box is slowly getting filled, and... oh what's this, a scrollbar? Sshhh... don't tell anyone!

E: Just to make it a little more elaborate: I do code other things than .NET. It's just that I prefer .NET over them due to the situation of the industry. I dislike PHP due to its weak typing. I can code C++ rather well, but most of its uses are limited to areas that I'm not all that interested in... Same with Ruby, while Rails is great and I have used it, it's weakness, again, is weak typing. Pascal... only if I have no other option.