Age: 69

I am an artist. The largest part of my learning has been in museums, studying the greatest works of the past, especially the High Renaissance and Impressionist periods. My technique is therefore traditional, using methods that were common until the 20th Century. These older techniques have a quality not matched by the modern practice of hasty and direct application onto canvas or paper, and I choose traditional quality over spontaneity. The artwork itself reflects my interest in mystical traditions and modern psychology. In a system I call Subjective Realism, because it expresses both objective reality and the subjective; common symbols and colors speak to the emotions as images address the intellect. Although related to Surrealism in theory, my practice varies in presenting an understandable meaning in keeping with my opinion that subjective thought is in fact, rational in its own context. This works because a part of our minds processes information with symbols and allegory rather than words, so even when the viewer is unaware of the subjective message in the painting, they respond to it emotionally. Because of this the casual viewer may observe the image without being aware of the deeper meaning available to the more discerning viewer and yet, have the same feeling about what they see. The intention is to create an emotional experience, one that allows the viewer to not only experience the image as I saw it, but also share in how seeing it made me feel and what it caused me to think about. My paintings deliver a message that perhaps can be told in no other way.