I am a Software Engineer with over 3 years of experience in web application development and Mobile application development.

Besides above, I am a hobbyist animator who is very passionate about learning different techniques used in animations and effects. Throughout my career I end-up being a debugger, yes! Really! I consider bugs as if they are zombies and my quest is to exterminate them as soon as possible.

By the end of graduation, I had learned mobile application programming and built Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors and Battleship on J2ME and HTML5 respectively. I worked as a freelancer for 2 years where I developed websites on ASP.NET and PHP. Besides websites, there were other desktop based management software that I’ve developed like billing management, File Management, Invoice generations, customer management etc.

After graduation, I was hired as a PHP Developer by a Canadian based android application development company. After that, I worked as a Software Engineer where I developed PHP-Based Facebook Apps, E-commerce websites.

After gaining 2+1 years of experience in web and facebook application development, I ended up training myself as a Mobile Game Developer. Currently I work as an iOS/Android application and game developer while keeping myself involved in web application development on and off.

Besides all above I love helping others and teach them what I have learned so far through my experience in mobile game development and web development here and on youtube { www.youtube.com/logicmates } respectively. Should there be any query, feel free to contact me any time { logicmates.ssa @gmail.com }.

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