Age: 25

Well! I didn't know any thing about computers 6 years ago. I didn't even know how to switch it on or turn it off. It was just TV for me with one extra box [CPU]. In 2008 , I have applied for graduation in a University, and there's the journey started.
I am a Java Developer now, having almost 3 years of experience coding Java and Delivering Quality Solutions both in Desktop and Web Applications. I prefer to work in Modern way and with Freedom, So I have good repute on Odesk and Elance remote working platforms. I spent 12-15 hours of my day in front of my laptop , most of the time doing work , and some time watching movies.
About my Development skills, for last one and half year I am coding GWT and Errai as a Front End Developer. Have good practical knowledge of Web Services and JPA. I also have great interest in Cloud Computing and Mashup Development. I am always in Seek of challenging work. And Always up for it!!!

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