Ghent, Belgium


Age: 31

I've been in a lot of places on the software design/development spectrum.

I'm knowledgable on the subjects of GNU Bash, Java SE/EE, C, Objective C, PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, server administration.

I've worked on products such as:

  • Gateway solution: seamless and high availability / load balancing internet gateway product.
  • Identity Management: Fully featured authentication and identity management service solution providing authentication with a multitude of authentication devices using SAML to any application wishing to make use of it.
  • JavaEE, JSF/Seam, Wicket web applications.
  • iPhone game development (Such as Gorillas)
  • PHP web applications.
  • Dedicated server management.

I used to be a Gentoo person. Tried out Debian, ArchLinux, and others.
As of now, I'm happy to be on a Mac.

Oh, and use GIT, forget CVS/SVN.

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