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Short concentration span, good memory, mostly visual mind-map and cognition, some are more verbal, unable to focus on tasks that require repetition, highly motivated by complex abstract problems, for example the combination of 3d printer 'drills' with spectrographic laser apparatus for excavation analysis. Very generalist knowledge. Have spent 1000 hours programming soundwaves, 1000 hours programming graphics, and 2000 programming logic. Obsessed with pattern generation. Obvious that after time stops at the event horizon, probabilistic density increases and chaos increases because gravity folds equations and particles back onto their own trajectories via mathematical feedback loops. Therefore, new states of matter (exotic timespace dimensional equilibria) transition from one to the next due to their compression and feedback ratio, and inside the black hole, systems of complexity the same as our entire universe vibrate so fast that in one second on our planet a million universes can rise and fall inside a black hole. I am pathetic at maths and real physicists will laugh at my incomprehension of many tenets of physics, for example i don't think that two black hole singularities are likely to merge any more than two binary stars.

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