James Brooks

United Kingdom


Age: 31

Started programming in Macromedia Director Lingo, moved on to VB/VBA in school, taught myself HTML, CSS and a little bit of PHP so I could design a couple of websites. Took an online course in Game Programming that taught me C++ & DirectX/Win32 API.

At University I had courses on Unix & C, Java, and PIC programming in assembly. In my PhD I have been using BOOST for C++, Walter Bright's D Programming Language, and Python. Briefly toyed with 'Clean' a pure functional language. I have been teaching myself scheme/lisp by writing an interpreter in D.

I read a lot of programming blogs, and try to learn new features by solving the ProjectEuler challenges.

By chance I have ended up using Windows at home, Mac at work, an Ubuntu Linux at University. I have written very simple scripts in BASH/grep/find/cat/sed but normally I modify ones from the web.

I use the Opera Web Browser and Emacs for almost everything.

I aim to learn more of a pure functional language and a bit of FORTH.