New Jersey


Age: 44

In 1982, I started writing code for PowerPlay magazine, devoted to the Commodore 64 (remember that?). They would publish source code that the reader would have to RETYPE in order to have the program run. I was just happy to be able to write code and get paid, and the magazine was happy to get some quality game submissions. I never did tell them that I was only 12 years old. :-)

Fast forward to 2010, and I'm on my 3rd technology start-up company: FlipScript.com

FlipScript is probably the most computationally intense company I've ever started, as it is trying to do something that was previously called "impossible". Well, I'm happy to report that it's not impossible... but it's definitely not easy!

So, I wanted to join Stack Overflow to share some knowlegdge, gain some rep, and ask a few questions of my own from the other gurus out there.