Bonjour tout le monde !

Full disclosure: I strive to balance my descriptive/prescriptive scale, but I am admittedly prone to the prescriptive. Shamelessly.

This site looks like a great tool to observe commonly accepted idiomatic expressions in this ever-changing bastard child of a language. I speak a "common" middle American English with some beautiful influences from the South, and I am also fluent in Continental and Québécois French.

Foreign languages and linguistics are my passion (B.A. McGill 2008), and I have a heavy background in Latin (caveat emptor) as well as working competencies in Italian, Spanish, and German.

While teaching is my vocation, I'm taking a break from it now to work on my Master's, and I work taking orders and vending vittles for a corporate restaurant near you. This delightful job gives me a great sampling of language usages, and I am eager to share and learn.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and foreign films.