I am currently making a calculator. It just looks like something such as subtract, multiply, some advanced mathematical operations etc. I'm trying to improve my calculator's speed as fast as possible. Sometimes I ask some questions in order to discuss some ideas, and almost of them are related to "performance". Some of this seem to look like "too localized", that's why some questions are closed...

My calculator features :

  • Quickly handle all complex expressions!
  • Supports power operator (^)
  • A powerful variable manager
  • Supports two modes : "original and translated" ('translated' is more convenient)
  • Execute the translated code immediately without compiling
  • Portable code, you can bring it to everywhere
  • Memory saving! 100% no structures, except when implementing
  • Call some kinds of functions with parameters
  • Supports variable container (vector)
  • Is able to access glocal functions and variables in your program
  • Macro manager
  • Supports file loader, writer, parser, optimizer, reader etc


My calculator is a portable library, so it can be very easily included in your program. It's written by Visual C++.

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