William Lahti

Age: 28

I am a professional software developer who has been working with web business management software for the last four years or so. During and before that time I attended university where I studied computer science. I have worked on a large variety of areas of software development during various projects, both open and closed. Some of which I have studied or contributed to in an open-source/unpaid/scholarly/or-even-amateur fashion such as operating systems, programming languages, display servers (ie X11), toy markup parsers and rendering engines, bytecode runtime implementations (with an emphasis on memory management/garbage collection), games, and AI.

I've worked in a professional sense on both client-driven and internal applications for a web applications and hosting company. This has included business management software and intranet management, security, and system administration tools. Still only a few years into my professional experience however, I am looking forward to bringing my expertise to bear on new challenges as much as I can.

Languages and development stacks I have worked with include:

  • HTML5/Javascript with web services
  • C# (CLR implementations, systems applications, WinForms, ASP.NET MVC 3/4, Windows services)
  • System scripting (BASH/PowerShell)
  • Java (Web apps, Android, Minecraft mods)
  • Mobile, Android/iOS/Mobile Web
  • PHP (custom proprietary frameworks, Wordpress, Magento, CodeIgniter)
  • Python
  • Smalltalk (Pharo, Sqweak)
  • Ruby

I also have experience with systems administration maintaining RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu servers. I have studied some of the arts of Windows Server system administration/configuration including network/domain and ActiveDirectory management, IIS and SQL server deployments, but I have no certs.

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