I started my IT career in 1994. Since 2001, I have been working on Java / JEE. With 42+ application development experience under my belt I have done 300+ trainings.

These days, focused engagements are Trainings, Architectural POCs & Architecture Review of JEE & Liferay Portals. Liferay (29 trainings done) , Advanced Java, Java Performance Tuning (59 trainings done) being the focus on Technical front

Java Focus

Core Java: I have been training and working on advanced concepts of ClassLoaders, MultiThreading (Ins and Outs of Concurrency) , NIO, Networking, DS, JVM Architecture & Memory Mgmt, GC Tuning.

Java Performance Tuning: I have been training and consulting on Monitoring the JVM, Identifying Memory Leaks in Java (Loitering objects actually) and fixing them, GC Tuning, Tuning the Heap & Non-Heap, Object Profiling, Method Profiling, Efficient use of Data Structure including Strings, Concurrency code (Code Motion, Lock Fusion), JDBC Tuning & J2EE Tuning.

Liferay Focus

Since 2008 I started working on varied facets of Liferay ranging from integrating Liferay with JS frameworks, integrating Liferay with SSOs, LDAP, SAML, Shibboleth, facebook; integrating Liferay with WorkFlow Systems and ESBs.

Liferay Admin: I have been developing and training on Liferay CMS, Liferay features like Blogs, Image Gallery, Document Management, Wiki and Tags In Liferay, concept of Community & Organization in Liferay, Creating Web Content and Manage them in Liferay, Working with other OOTB Portlets in Liferay, Security System of Liferay (Roles & Users),

Liferay Development: Setting up Liferay Dev Env, Liferay Source, Portlet API (ins & outs including using Spring MVC, Struts, JSF frameworks), Liferay Service Builder, Customizing Liferay Security, Liferay Hooks, Liferay Themes, Liferay EXT. I have recently architected a Liferay Application using MVVM and J2EE Presentation Tier Design Patterns to very beautifully use KendoUI as framework for UI with the Service Builder of Liferay.

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