Gordon Gecko looks at 100 deals a day and he chooses one.

I read 1,000 questions a day and answer just one.

I hope you found my answer valuable, if not chances are you're being hypnotized by someone claiming your objective, problem and question can't be solved. The foolishness of claiming something is impossible when considering we have more methods than ever is a childish response to your post.

This site, like other forums is hovered over by chickenhawks seeking points instead of striving to provide solutions, they are the misantrhopes, aderall chomping psychiatric drug patients of the world with an advanced form of megalomania and self appointed guardians of the world spreading their opinions as truth. They are the alienated ones, the people without friends, the people who live in their parents homes despite being middle aged, they are the people like you reading my profile attempting to find some method to attack my motive since it is likely I just smashed one your useless answers and publicly rubbed your nose in it.

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