iOS developer. Until recently based in Glasgow, currently living - for a while at least - in Madrid, Spain. I'm a contractor, but Surya Solutions keep me busy. At Paddy Power, I was involved for almost a year and a half - from inception through to launch and subsequent updates - on their groundbreaking native Sports Book app for iPad. This had me working remotely from Madrid and regular onsite visits to Dublin. The people at Paddy Power were really awesome and I was genuinely sad to finish up.

August 2014 sees me on a new project. A really exciting app for a major UK client based in Canary Wharf. This has the potential - using the very latest iOS 8 runtime with Xcode 6 and Swift - to deliver a really unparalleled user experience in their field. I'm excited to be involved, providing the technical know-how to start them on their iOS path in the best possible way.

Please feel free to checkout my LinkedIn profile for contact details and app portfolio.

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