Washington, United States

BY DAY: Student at a local college studying Psychology with a Digital Technology and Media Minor. Some day I'll get a Computer Science Masters.

BY EVENING: A warehouse employee.

BY NIGHT: There's a sand storm of code flying through my finger tips.

Why do I program? Because it's fun, it challenges my mind, makes me think for once. What has it caused me? A lopsided brain, I got logic and spacial down tight at a 120 IQ, but the other side with language hovering at 100 IQ ish. What do I program in? C and C++ of course. It's the most natural language. It's the core fundamentals of so much. It's compiled. What do I have experience in for greater than a month, in the past 3 years? BASH, PHP(and HTML, CSS if those count), Python, C, C++. Which languages do I have over 5 years of experience in? C/C++/PHP(HTML/CSS). How old am I? Almost 21 as of 10/5/2015. What am I working on right now? A new way of computerized learning. And, I think it will change the world... Also working on a degree, 25+ hours of work a week, sleep. Some day it'll be here.

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