..I think that programming is an art where there are very basic rules... for example, when you can't do it, ask to stackoverflow, maybe somebody believies he/she has the correct answer, if the answer does not match your feelings... then it could be done better..

There are some technologies I have been worked with, these are:

- C/C++/Win32 for pockect PC...
- Visual Basic 6, VBA for Excel/Word/Authocad...
- VB.Net/C#/ASP.Net, WinForms, Sql Server, Sybase (TSQL)
- Java/JSP/JSTL, prototype.js, MySql...
- Java 2EE/Struts 2/Spring, Hibernate (HQL), Oracle (PLSQL)
- NodeJS/AngularJS/jQuery/Express/HTML5/CSS3, MongoDB
- Liferay/Portlets
- ArcGis Maps JS/Dojo/Widgets/Google Maps JS