David Cruwys is partner in IdeasMen.com.au. A Sydney based digital marketing consultancy helping clients to harness the power of their technology to drive business with unique and innovative video marketing solutions. David is a serious technologist ... a programmer, blogger and inventor with over 20 years experience doing things with tech that defy explanation.

★ IdeasMen.com.au Delivering holistic web strategies to small business via web technology, social media, article & video marketing and automation of technology solutions.

★ www.fb/99TechGuru Provide education and strategies for Australian Businesses to get IT tasks done with speed, quality and reliably via short easily consumed and understood video

Among specialties David brings to clients:

♦ Cloud Application Development expertise that includes Scalable commercial web-sites, Real-time cloud quotation engines, .NET Technologies, Personalised Video Marketing Systems and HTML 5 applications.

♦ Distributed Workforce Management expertise that includes: Multimedia workflows & processes, Cloud communication & collaboration and offshore IT business process and developer teams.

♦ SEO/Social, he is a go-to guru for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and, as well as article, video and Pinterest marketing.

David previously developed Cloudspeed, which utilises Scalable software factories and elastic development teams to deliver Software-as-a-Service web appliances with speed and quality.

Further roles have included Software Architect, Developer, and Consultant to Australian business entities such as InfoChoice, Moneytech Ltd. and SeaconLink.

Scalable cloud systems architect/developer for consumer facing portals, including Yahoo, News Limited, Fairfax and iSelect.

Enterprise IT contracting solutions delivered to Australian clients include NSW Area Health Serices, NSW Seniors Card, Merck Sharp and Dohme Ltd, Marsh Limited and European Clients including CommerzeBank, Teamsoft Limited Marsh.