Age: 27

I am simple, jovial, love to spread happiness :)

When I drink a glass of milk.. I love it... When I pass a beautiful woman in supermarket and she smells nice.. I really think it's awesome to be alive. I then buy some Oatmeal and when I eat it the next morning I just feel like a millionaire, because I can just eat what I want when I want to. When I smell coffee in the morning I'm grateful that I am so lucky to taste it. When I walk to work and see the people around me and wonder that goes in in their heads.. and I realise how many minds are at that moment active in the world, all with their own thoughts, wishes and Dreams.. I'm blown away at how complex, massive and unbelievably wonderful the universe is.... When I stare at the stars.. my only regret is that I won't be here to see all of Mankind's story unfold, but inside I know I'm just a small little wheel in a massive incomprehensible machine :) and I should just enjoy the ride - Aragorn Meulendijks