A PHP5 Zend Certified Engineer living out of Las Vegas, NV. I have held numerous Lead development positions and am skilled in project management, software architecture, cloud architecture and deployment, and generally just creating elegant solutions for the complex problems in todays IT world.

I have built custom technology solutions using PHP, Python, Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, ASP.NET, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS, and more.

With experience using many technologies I have helped many companies across the United States and Canada build scalable, maintainable, enterprise level applications over the last 8 years.

In my current role as a software consultant and engineer at Surge and as an open source developer, I work with multiple languages and technologies including: Kohana Framework, Laravel Framework, Angular.JS, Jquery, Sci-Kit Machine Learning Library, MogileFS, Cloudstack, Xen Server, Xen Desktop, API Development and API integrations. VMware, VSphere, Parallels, Python, Node.JS, PHP, Bootstrap 3, WHMCS, VMWare Chargeback Manager, Website Panel, Sonian, Openstack, Docker and more.