Lanark, Canada

Age: 37


I am a web application developer, with many interests; including but not limited to database design, AI, and cognitive science. I have studied many areas of academics from Math to Theatre, and History to Dance. I am a firm believer in learning not only for future use, but also to enrich one's life.

Within the community, I taught a course on the History of Math through the Ottawa-Carleton continuing education program; and will be once again offering Ruby on Rails for Beginners. I have been working on a few Open Source projects one of which is on github now [Bubo/apsuplayer]. I am also a member of several rails user groups, such as: Google's Ruby group where I have answered members' questions about deployment and other related issues. Also, I live and breath the Semantic Web!


Ruby and Ruby on Rails Cognitive Science, Mathematics -- Logic and Graph Theory Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems Design, and special case by case analysis and problem solving, (the odd problems are my real area of expertise)