Unix is a good friend of mine.

I cut my teeth on edition 7 on a PDP 11/70 and then moved to BSD 4.2 running on Vaxen (750 & 780). I briefly played with a Sun 2 in the lab at school, then had a Sun 3/50 workstation for my first 9-5 job. Well, 10-6. Or maybe 11-7 sometimes.

At home I had this behemoth for a few years from a company I cannot remember the name of, then replaced it with SCO on 386 hardware. I tried unsuccessfully to get a 386BSD system up at one point, and then returned to FreeBSD a few years later. I am not sure what the version number of my first FreeBSD install was, but I am tempted to say 2 or 3. I've been running it at home ever since. Over the two plus decades of my professional career, I have had a windows desktop less than 15% of the time, the rest has been ttys or X.

I've had a freebsd machine on the net 24x7 since 1996.

I know unix.

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