North Carolina

Age: 49

I teach entrepreneurship for a multi-state multi-campus not-for-profit university based in Rhode Island. I teach on the university's North Carolina campus.

No, my PhD is not in computer science, mathematics, nor business. My PhD is in education. I program because a lot of the questions I ponder over has good proximal data that I would need to organize into meaningful information. I am moving from PHP to Python due to nature of how I typical process the data (CSV text files with too many rows for Excel and too large to run meaningful stored procedures against the data if loaded into a database.

Although I am not a professional programmer (or even a fast and/or efficient coder), I do understand a decent bit of coding logic, spurred by my earlier studies and business life. I also hold a MBA in International Trade and a BS in Computer Systems Management (<-- hence my coding exposure).

I keep my programming skills slightly polished because I have 4 children, with 3 of them showing an interest in this realm.

Cheers! Eric G (Dr.EMG)

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