Ehsan Sajjad

Islamabad, Pakistan

Age: 23

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Developer by Destiny not by Choice

Ehsan Sajjad is a Microsoft geek and a keen developer interested in Microsoft Technologies and with professional experience of almost 2 years in .Net Technologies, mostly in web applications and also interested in open source languages like java, android app development.

I've been in the computer industry since about 2008 (I had a internship of .Net development during my last semester of my Bachelors in Computer Science and that was a turning point of my life before that i used to hate programming and after three months programming is the thing i love the most).

I've done a little bit of everything. I've programmed,Jquery,JavaScript, WPF, mvc, PHP, Android application Development, SQL and more recent ones (.Net, Windows Form Applications, mvc, Jquery).

I've been a web developer, Jr. Software Engineer and Software Engineer(.Net).

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer in a well reputed software company of Rawalpindi. I've been learning modern web applications and Desktop Application development using SOA in the process.

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Feel free to contact me for any help. It will be a pleasure.

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