Torsten Engelbrecht

Berlin, Germany

Age: 32

I am an expert software developer with 7+ years of experience in software architecture, web & app development and as tech & team lead. I worked on numerous projects and in product development and gained deep knowledge in the whole stack of software development. Most importantly I like to learn and pick up new things in areas which interest me.

I am currently looking for remote-only job opportunities (part-time at the beginning) where I can either use my skills as a developer and offer tech and architecture consulting. I prefer to work on the full stack of software development: backend, frontend, infrastructure.

Beside my knowledge in the areas mentioned above I can offer the following more specific skills:

  • backend development: Python (Django & others), NodeJS (Express, hapi)
  • frontend development: vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, HTML/CSS
  • data storage & processing: SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL) Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Others: Linux system administration, Docker

You can find out more about me here:

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