Boldesti-Scaeni, Romania

Age: 43

I'm a Software Engineer having more than 12 years experience working with various technologies.

I started programming in 2002 using Perl, MySQL, VBA for MS Office, Microsoft Access and FoxPro.

With .Net Framework and SQL Server I working from 2004 so I can be described as a .Net Developer.

As a .Net Developer I developed desktop applications (Winforms or WPF), rich client applications (Silverlight) and web applications using Asp.Net (Webforms and MVC).

As a Web Developer I worked both on back-end and the front-end of the web applications. So I have hands on experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript.

I developed also web applications using LAMP (Zend Framework 2) ‚Äč.

I worked for more than 3 years as a Business Intelligence Developer and, in this role, I developed Business Intelligence solutions using SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Silverlight, MDX,, XMLA, SQL. I designed and created multidimensional databases, ETL processes.

As a Database Developer I worked most of the time with SQL Server but I have working experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL. I worked also some long time ago with Oracle, SyBase.

I played around with mongodb.

I have also experience as a GIS developer. I wrote spatial queries using Postgresql (PostGis) and SQL Server Spatial using dataset from OSM, IGN.

I am familiar with programming on Linux machines using bash, python

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