Tim Post

Mandaluyong, Philippines


Age: 38

I'm a community manager and chief [bad] pun officer for Stack Exchange, following two years of service as a community elected moderator on Stack Overflow. Beyond that, I'm:

  • A husband and dad
  • A competent programmer
  • A world traveler
  • Not a teapot, and I have proof!

If you need to reach me, it's tpost shift-2 stackoverflow, but please use this form for common support needs.


comment Deleting a bad post
There's some DB migrations and other churning at foot, might be related.
comment Deleting a bad post
@RichardJ.RossIII Folks are welcome to post on their meta site, where they feel familiar and comfortable. We'll handle migrating things to MSE. For the most part, folks will just participate on their per-site metas, which is fine. So much less confusion.
comment Custom colors for tags?
So you're talking about something like a 10 pixel wide swatch of sorts, just enough for easy visual identification? Hadn't thought of that before, kind of interesting.
comment The Status Of The Split
(It's probably going to be tomorrow before I fire up the bulk migration tools due to unrelated DB migrations still ongoing)
comment The Status Of The Split
@ShadowWizard Nothing at this point, though you're welcome to flag as 'other' as bread crumbs for us to have a peek at it when we send content back over. Don't worry about duplicates for now, just answer questions as you can / feel like doing so.
comment What kind of question should we ask in MSO and in Meta?
@GeorgeStocker We can talk about your rep if you want to stuff a little something in a plain paper bag and leave it at a prearranged location.
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comment Where is the reputation tab on MSO
@RameshRajendran MSE is a main site, even though we call it 'meta' - notice that it does not have a meta site attached to it. You earn rep on main sites, not child meta sites.
answered Update questions to improve tags
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It's not just he's on the mod team now :)
comment Why am I banned from the new fork on Meta.StackExchange.Com?
@EvanCarroll You're more than welcome here with bug reports, feature requests or ideas to improve the site, even ones that might not be very popular. This is your meta site, you're a positive contributor to Stack Overflow. I'm cautioning you to not establish a pattern where it looks like you're here for laughs. Outlandish ideas? We're fine with that - as long as you have some helpful posts too. Helping to guide new users without rhetoric? That's a great way to earn plenty of latitude here, and likely lift the block on MSE if you do the same there. It's pretty simple.
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comment Duplicate flagged posts - is re-use of existing answers OK?
You can, sometimes you don't need a lot of additional insight. It's also fine if you omit that piece, a flag like "I think we've got some good duplicate / merge candidates here, but I'm not sure of the order" is also quite helpful. It lets the mods dismiss the flags that aren't actionable quickly, then go looking through the ones that need a bit of work and time.
answered Duplicate flagged posts - is re-use of existing answers OK?
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