Hello People!

I'm a Computer Science Graduate student at Stony Brook University. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India, most premier Institute under Mumbai University. My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. I like programming since childhood. My festivals are Google I/O, Apple's WWDC, Microsoft's //build/ etc. My interests other than computers are Psychology, World History, and Arts. My hobbies include watching TED Talks, listening to songs, and following Technology.

Being a technology enthusiast, you will usually find me experimenting with various gadgets. I love discovering how various things work. Right from fans, radios, cameras, phones, I have opened and repaired each of them. :D I keep myself updated with every advancement in technology and science. My friends never fail to consult me when they wish to buy new phones, cameras or laptops. :) As I am passionate about technology, I contribute my discoveries and ideas through researches in the field of computers, mathematics and science.

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