Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Age: 22

I am an energetic engineering and computer science student from Ireland, studying in Edinburgh. I am incredibly passionate about learning, self improvement and everything to do with building stuff. I love all aspects of engineering, especially electronics and software. I tend to ask a million questions a minute but in return I try to regurgitate the answers when they might be useful so I guess I'm kind of an information recycling plant. I am a tireless and enthusiastic debater which is usually annoying, sometimes fun and often overwhelming.

Some of my favourite things in the whole wide world are: big data (the cloud and all that malarky but I like the nitty gritty under the hood stuff), robots (I want them everywhere), space (nuff said), maths inc applied maths, physics etc (maths is like the most perfect thing in the world) and finally apple computers and unix operating systems (but really thats kind of a given for most people).

I am still learning allot of stuff but I am doing so as fast as I can so I'll probably ask allot of questions and hopefully I'll be able to answer plenty soon.

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