I grew up in VA and PA, USA in a family of 6 brothers and sisters with two parents that stayed married till they went to Heaven. I got married when I was 22, after about 2 years of college on and off, and divorced 6 years later. Like everyone else, I wanted to be happy, and fulfilled, knowing I had purpose, have a happy family--a husband who loved me very much and some nice, fun children. But things just weren't working out that way. Now I know they NEVER could because of all I was lacking! That changed when I was 27 and gave my whole life to Jesus (God). Now my life is a BLAST!! What changed my life was at 27 I met someone who told me about a personal friendship with Jesus, something I didn't know people could have. So I gave my whole life to Jesus (God), and that's when I really started LIVING! No more boring! LIFE is having a friendship with Jesus, who is LOVE, a life which is really fulfilling and very much fun! ( A blast!!) As the Bible says, "In God's presence is the "fullness" of JOY!!" (Psalm 16:8) And everyone can have it!

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