Age: 33

  * email deepcell@gmail.com
   * blog http://deepcell.org/blog
    * twitter @deepcell

Web Application Developer in a wide variety of business applications and Database Administrator. Particularly interested in SaaS and relational and Non-relational database design using MySQL, Postgres or whatever open source database. Always interested in new projects. Focused mainly on open source projects.


  1. Operating System: UNIX-LIKE, GNU/Linux (OpenSuse/CentOS) and OpenBSD.
  2. Programming Language: PHP; Python; C/C++; Perl; Ruby; Shell Script; TCL; Java; JS(jQuery)
  3. Data Base: MySQL, Postgres
  4. Servers: Apache, nGinx, TomCat and others
  5. IDE: NetBeans and Eclipse | Editor: gedit, nano and kate
  6. Repo: GIT and SVN