Chris Bennet

Nashua, NH

Age: 52

I spend my weekdays working on Windows/WPF/C#/C++/machine vision applications for aiming lasers [muu hah, hahha!]. I love my job! :-)

When I get home I will code some more on my own projects. My latest project is a "slicer" web app for 3D printing, before that it was working on a self balancing robot simulation in Unity3D and before that it I made a vision filter optimization application using a genetic algorithm. My projects aren't always successful or completed but I always learn something.

My hardware/electronics projects have included winding my own solenoids for a duct crawling robot and making a remote control cat squirter in attempt to train them to stay out of the street.

Weekends you can usually find me working on old Porsches, making horrible welds with my TIG welder, kayaking ["slacking but with a paddle"], riding my mountain bike or neglecting my lawn.