Anchorage, AK

Age: 33

I'm A avid games who likes sand box styled games and nostalgically employs dungeon crawls, and characters that challenge or reinforce players morals.

I've been playing since I was 12 and G.M. nearly all that time. Most of my game sessions comprise of 1-2 man groups and 4-8 man groups with the occasional 12 man groups being the largest I've ever gamed. I have a deep interest in other peoples gaming techniques but for the most part mix elements of suspense and action with minute amounts of intrigue. I don't really cater well to the idea abstract fantasy. For me I like to think of games as dynamic action oriented scenes. one person attacks the other defends within the limits of a plausible fantasy environment backed buy science and a limited suspension of disbelief. munchkin characters/NPCs are common and expected. In my mind when in doubt I make a munchkin is my philosophy, I run one munchkin and one common game booth are the same setting but the aims are different the munchkins run heavy handed high mortality quests and the common game play on the concepts of appreciation in the little things, with a focus on building better players. Concepts of morality, philosophy, heroism and getting everyone involved in the fun. Most of my players are friends from years ago, and people new to gaming. My hope is to encourage players to come up with creative ideas, and reolize there own potential in game and out of game. This allows players a chance to build role models and gives them a escapism that is better than any book or movie character.

my favorite game system is palladium books games (all of them!), I also play white wolf on occasion. D&D second edition, tunnels and tolls, hero quest, War hammer fantasy and 40k, plus, mordheim and necromunda are also some of my favorite board games.

For me I always favor the underdog, the unlikely and down trodden. My Characters reflect this as little goblin like creatures with a heart of gold or common men with dreams of better. Like a Squire who be a paladin had he not botched his rolls.

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