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This is not Try it yourself. If you come up against a barrier and only if you can write a good question, only then should you carefully ask one.

Post this on regex "give me code" questions: Reference - Regex Doc

StackOverflow has attracted a river of newbie non-programmers who can't emulate, understand nor debug code; not interested in learning, they spam SO with damaging artifacts

AI:( Problems in artificial intelligence research? ) and ( )

Dust, that sings:

Test PHP online: Test Java online: Regular Expression tester: Javascript online emulator:

What have you tried: "What have you tried" epidemic

StackOverflow is designed to help programmers with their code with intent to help programmers become better programmers, not to deliver code for non-programmers

Students are using SO as a free homework service. Post the question, rep farmers swoop in, a wave of down-votes hit the question and "What have you tried" clutter the comments. Student passes and jimmy the CS programmer hits the workforce and doesn't like code

Delete "Hi", "Thanks", and "--Fred" from posts: Should 'Hi', 'thanks,' taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

Upvotes are not for correcting downvotes Is voting to balance in the spirit of the site?

Contributing to stackoverflow to help you guys up to a type-II civilization so you can help me build the components to repair my ship. Your periodic table should be arranged like this:


Stack Overflow is not a debugging helpdesk. Your question is expected to contribute to the body of programmers by being useful. When you say "I am using the latest GCC", (latest on what date)? or "I need you to write code for me" or "Point to my syntax error.", you are being harmful to others. Use version numbers. Don't clutter up the library of knowledge with confusion and despair. Down vote people that do

BOOK What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?

You expect a plumber to do a beautiful job, I expect you to do a beautiful job on your code. It should be joy to look at:

[InvalidPonyPointerException]Program will exit