Eric Leschinski

Allston, MA

Age: 35

I'll be the watcher, of the eternal flame:

Because from the darkness comes light, and from the light, darkness:

Behavioral evolution:

Too much of one causes the other.

Modern day tower of Babel:

Python's biggest design flaw: "Least Astonishment" in Python: The Mutable Default Argument

What is your plan for reclaiming the Inhospitable surfaces of planet Earth?

Another flaw in Python: Python list of lists, changes reflected across sublists unexpectedly

In my 18 years of formalized education so far CS7641 at gatech is the best class I've taken to date:

Oh look, another design flaw in python -6 isn't actually -6, but indeed -5 is -5. derp: Why (0-6) is -6 = False?

It's an exciting time, like the time of the invention of electricity and the invention of the integrated circuit. Computers are better at coming to an understanding about things faster and better than humans ever could.

If we do not integrate these machines into our minds, eventually humans will all be unemployable, humans simply can't do any repetitive motion or learning task as good as, or as fast as a computer could be programmed to learn to do.

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