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How did I vote on the latest SF elections:


Signal15: up (I want new faces)

EEAA: down (deletionist inner circle member)

BigHomie: down ("zero tolerance on trolls" while his troll definition can include everybody whose ideas differ from the mainstream and doesn't shut up)

Evan Caroll: up (I want new faces)

womble: abstain (deletionist, but he is at least peaceful)

Colyn1337: up (I want new faces, seems to have hax0r mentality instead of professional bullshitting)

Falcon Momot: abstain (doesn't seem really professional, but seems to have good intentions)

HBruijn: up (last time I voted Sven instead of him, which I seriously regret - and now I see in him the potential of a positive change in the site behavior)

Scott Pack: up (positive ideas, not inner circle member, extremely goodstanding vote counts)

Ward: down (deletionist inner circle member)

The Cleaner: up (despite his name he isn't deletionist, showed effective mediating skills multiple times)