In High School per-final year, I got my first computer. I started to try so many things. From enthusiasm I took computer science as optional paper ( a course in c). It was a disaster, in my final exam even I couldn't reverse a string (To be frank: I hardly passed).
With acute depression in a very fine day I found a c# tutorial on msdn (or somewhere else, I can't remember). It clarified so many things to me, I thought I can do it too.
Ok! fine, Then? Still disaster: I couldn't get an integer input (as Console.ReadLine() doesn't return int)
WhatSoEver I got the essence and things are going well from then I think I'm getting into this. I think the most important decision was to leave c and start with something else.
I wonder sometime: I too can be helpful to someone, sometime!

Currently I'm working on a mobile app for ranking selfies RankSelfie. And in a GPU based neural network library annlib. I have worked on eiE, available here.
I'm planning my next project on a platform accessible to everyone maybe with a handheld device to predict risk of crime in an area.
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I'm in final year of my computer science bachelor course. Sometime I scribble at blogger