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A developer since 1999, started with Java. A freelancer since 2009, and a client hiring freelancers since 2011. Have been using Android Studio and Gradle since 0.1.

Have you recently moved to Android Studio and Gradle and feel lost? Do you need one-on-one help to resolve the most confusing issues? Do you want to set up your project for multiple flavors to finish application redesign in a matter of minutes? Did you know that one-on-one help saves money comparing to having to wait for a reply not knowing how accurate information in the reply is? Did you know that 8 of 10 experts have asked for help in the critical phase of their project?

If you do need help, you can reach me to arrange a session. By browsing my replies, you can see at what extent I can help you.

My advisory services include:

  • review of your Android Studio project
  • advising on best practices
  • reviewing Gradle build file
  • offering advisory on Android Studio and Gradle

You can reach me via Gmail at petermv80 (@)

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