Age: 32

Being a graphic designer & web designer was always a way of life than just a job for me. I love the satisfaction I get when the design I create accomplishes what my client envisions. I have completed projects for a wide range of organisations, starting from International corporations to local businesses. By devising smart thoughtful solutions together with strategic business thinking, I was always able to succeed in delivering an entrusted project within the requested time frames and also went the extra mile to give something exceptional to my clients.

A rule of thumb I always follow is to not dive straight into a project without knowing well the client first, there is a lot of ground work I cover before even laying down my pen to tablet. In an attempt to avoid lifeless generic looking visuals with poor creativity, I always follow a very structured graphic design process even with web design and development. Every stage of any aspect of the project I create was always unique and covered off correctly in order to succeed and achieve my client’s requirements.

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