I've been a DOS/Windows application developer since the late 1970's... Yes, I was programming before the IBM PC ever came out.

Started out in 1971 with a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8, using a teletype machine (there were no such things as computer video displays) and stored my applications on punched paper tape. From there I migrated to TRS-80, Model I with a Zilog Z-80 processor and used TRS-Basic and Z-80 assembler. IBM PC's came out in 1981 and used and Intel 8088 processor. They didn't have the flexibility of the Z-80, (because Intel didn't include block memory manipulation in the 8088) but they really took off for the 'masses'.

I've been doing database application since 1978 using various database tools for small businesses and still do maintenance and upkeep for several clients using older technology (read that as PC-DOS 6.2 and DOS based applications) as well as porting older applications to Windows based platforms.

I'm fairly new to the Android platform, but I'm anxious to try my hand at developing some mobile apps. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket running ICS 4.04 and a Google Nexus 7 running Jellybean 4.1.1.

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