Tim Powell


Age: 19

According to the RFC 2828 I'm a hacker. To be more specific, I'm a grey hat hacker. Yes, thats right. If your security doesn't work, you'll soon find out. I started off as a "script kiddie" when I was 6, and can now say that I am fluent in HTML, PHP, MySQL(Real impressive, huh), C++, C#, Python, and Java. I am best at PHP, HTML, and C++. I own my own company called Powell Intelligence Labs2. I also have a social networking site called Social Box3, and I have a new game coming out for Xbox LIVE Indie called BattleFront. I enjoy people, places, my wonderful, beautiful fiance, Kaitlyn, our soon to be born daughter we're naming Aubrey, and, of course, computers. Right now I am 16 years old, and really enjoy my life. I really hope I can learn from and contribute to this community.

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