Mark Amery


Age: 25

London-based full-stack developer.

I'm fluent in: JavaScript, Python, and PHP, literate in Objective-C, Ruby, and Bash, and have screwed about a bit with Java, C#, Scheme, and C.

As far as database packages go, I'm thoroughly experienced with MySQL and decently familiar with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

Framework-wise, I've worked heavily with AngularJS, built one app for iOS with Apple's Cocoa Touch framework, and dabbled with Laravel and Rails.

Then there are SAAS systems: I've worked with Salesforce just enough to hate it, dabbled with Firebase and enjoyed it, used Algolia (but didn't like them) and done a bunch of work with AWS.

Feel free to contact me at

I give all my contributions on Stack Overflow to the public domain, to the greatest extent permitted by law. If for some reason that's not possible in your jurisdiction, I license you to use them in any way you like.

If you find something wrong in one of my posts, feel free to edit it. I'm a frequent visitor and can always roll back if I think a change you've made is wrong or stupid, so you may as well be bold - it's better, here, to ask for forgiveness than permission.

My GitHub profile:

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