Luis Arriojas

San Francisco, CA

Age: 34

U.S. developer specialized in front-end web development and webapp perfornance, with experience in different functional areas, like software and web development, database administration, virtualization, networking, and with an extensive academic background in economics and finance.

● Why a Public Accounting bachelor? I decided to study business first because it brought me a broader vision of business applications when used my programming skills. After that, I pursued a Computer Science bachelor, a Web Engineering master, and am still learning new and trending programming languages, frameworks, and anything related with the IT industry.

● How do I see myself? As a self-student always interested to learn new technologies, and as a proactive engineer with personal responsability.

● Highlights: ✔ Senior developer in HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS3 ✔ Senior developer in PHP and Node.js ✔ Senior development experience with SQL using MySQL databases ✔ Experience developing for mobile devices using Responsive Web Design ✔ MongoDB DBA ✔ Self-directed and self-managed

● Specialties: ✔ Front-end web development using AngularJS ✔ Webapps optimization