Oregon, USA

Amateur Student

C# (it is my primary language). CSLA framework. Entity Framework. Linq. Telerik controls. MVC.

Python (secondary language).

GW Basic.

MS SQL, MySQL, Fox Pro.

Delphi xe2.

C, C++, Open GL.

Java (new to it)


HTML5 Canvas.

AJAX, Telerik, JQuery, JSon.

Android (eclipse, Java) and iOS dev (Firemonkey, Delphi xe2).

Image Manipulations in C# (tiff images, pdf, etc).

SSRS, Crystal Reports.

I would like to know more about programming with - SVG, GDI+, Silverlight and Flash Plugins, Flex, Actionscript, backboneJS, nodeJS, underscoreJS, emberJS, angularJS, Django, Mongo, Ruby on Rails.

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