Troy Holdreith

Livermore, CA.

Age: 27

Discovered I love to code! I started with PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and learned how they work with a server. Always liked computers, every computer I had mandatorily dual booted linux with windows. Was considered "the tech guy" since friends and family always came to me for help with anything tech. From a young age I was able to pick up a device, and understand how it works in little time. Programming was the key that opened the door to a world of endless possibilities.

For two years I created little websites in hopes to get traffic for a source of income. At that time I lived out of my F150 while going to school online and working labor gigs in order to finish my AA and will be pursuing my bachelors when I can become stable enough to go to CAL, UCB, Cal State, Cal Tech, or even Stanford (I wish).

I have since learned much including the fundamentals of programming with algorithms and logic, information systems management, program design/planning and more. I am self taught primarily, then went to school to pursue programming. I see patterns easily and even had true eidetic memory when I was in elementary. I still remember to this day a time I recalled a page from a book for some friends just by glancing at it, and even a phone number on a piece of paper I lost. I think all the stress and life changes made me lose focus as I have all but lost the ability.

I hope to find an entry point into my career in programming soon!

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