Age: 19

Started with Delphi when I was about 10 and it was still property of Borland.

Mostly worked with Java and recently started C/C++

I am still amazed by the pointers and references and awesome/awful things you can do in C/C++

const int*const Method(const int*const&) const

My still biggest project is a 3D OpenGL Maze Game that was programmed in Delphi. You can read more about it here (german)

I know I need to get my hands dirty with OpenGL again soon. But hopefully with C++ this time.


I invented Google Plus. Well somehow. I was working on a social network similar to facebook with the difference that you have huge control about who can see what. You could put people in Groups (Circles) and specify what post or profile infomration you want to share with which group. After I heard about Google Plus I stopped development.

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