Pune, India

Age: 29

I code to create wonderful software, by wonderful I mean, developing software in closed feedback loop, this enhance quality and provide high amount of customer satisfaction. Software development should be adaptive rather than predictive and should be people-oriented rather than process-oriented.

I started as a Java developer, developed web based application using Spring/Hibernate but my passion leads me to learn JavaScript with knowledge of JavaScript I tend to understand NodeJS and being part of NodeJS based project.

My passion does not stops me here I learned Scala, found its very interesting (I am still learning that) another turning point was my passion towards Ruby (WIP). I love Polyglot of programming language and I've been part of such projects.

Besides coding, I also love to speak about technologies especially JavaScript on various Meetups.

Like any other Unix fan, I follow Open source software development, my GitHub Repository contains some small utility project.

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